Student Nutrition Programs

Why We Do What We Do

When a child is hungry, it's hard to learn. Research has established that children and youth who are well nourished are better prepared to participate in both academic and physical aspects of school life. The Food For Thought Community Partnership Committee believes it takes strong local and provincial partners, all working together, to make sure that our children enjoy healthy food every school day.

There are a variety of reasons why students participate in a nutrition program including:

  • There is little food available at home
  • Lack of appetite upon rising
  • Hectic family routines
  • Children eat breakfast very early, travel a long way on the bus and are just hungry…again!
  • Prefer to eat breakfast with their peers in a welcoming and friendly environment
  • Students like to eat different types of food that may not otherwise be available to them
  • Every day, there are many children who forget to bring their lunch and snacks to school

How Programs Work

Schools run programs independently with administrative, financial and organizational support from Food For Thought and the South East Region. Each school determines which type and model of program that is best suited to meet their needs. Nutrition programs operate solely by a team of volunteers that may include school staff, parents, and folks from the community. The foods offered (weather purchased or donated) are nutritious and follow the SNP Nutrition Guidelines (2016). Food For Thought programs are universally accessible – ALL children and youth are welcome to participate, with no questions asked.

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"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it gives me energy."

- Grade 8 Student

"I eat before I come to school but I like that our breakfast program gives my classmate's energy."

- Grade 7 Student

"Making me more energetic because the food they serve is good for you."

- Grade 4 Student

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