Volunteers Make Programs Happen

Volunteers are the heart and soul of Food For Thought nutrition programs. Their commitment and work are essential to the ongoing operation and success of programs. We in the Lanark County are extremely fortunate to have the support of more than 600 Volunteers. During the previous school year - these dedicated individuals contributed over 18,500 Hours! The volunteers are not only providing students with a healthy food, but are also providing them access to a warm, safe environment were all are welcomed, friendships are made and important life and social skills are taught.

Parents, teachers and school staff are often keen volunteers, but it is also important to reach out other members of the community to recruit of full team of volunteers for student nutrition programs. Many programs have had great success attracting new volunteers by getting in touch with religious organizations, service clubs, business associations, and any other groups in their communities. Senior volunteers bring "added benefits" to programs. There is a natural attraction between seniors and children. Seniors have a wealth of experiences to draw on and, as such, they are wonderful assets. School students make excellent volunteers. They have imaginative ideas, high energy levels and can be positive role models.

Volunteering with a Food For Thought Student Nutrition Program can provide opportunities to build meaningful relationships, develop new skills and experiences and be a positive role model for children and youth.

There are a variety of volunteer roles to choose from, such as, grocery shopping, safe food preparation and service, developing budgets, record keeping and fund raising.

Student Nutrition Programs could not operate without our fabulous team of volunteers. To all whom help bring nutritious meals and snacks to children and youth every school day, we say thank you!

Are you interested in becoming a school breakfast, lunch and/or snack program volunteer?

Please get in touch with a school in your neighbourhood or contact Sharon, Food For Thought Partnership Coordinator at 613-267-6833 or by email foodforthought.lanark@gmail.com

Child with a wagon full of harvest.
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"I like that our breakfast program is open to everyone and that it doesn't cost anything."

- Grade 8 Student

"I eat before I come to school but I like that our breakfast program gives my classmate's energy."

- Grade 7 Student

"It helps me focus on my work instead of my hunger."

- Grade 10 Student

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