It's Always Encouraging and Gratifying to Read Testimonials

"The SNP at SFDCI is paramount to the success and, scientifically supported, well-being of our students. The numbers speak for themselves, as we have a sizeable portion of our student body who access the program on a daily, weekly or as needed basis. Not only is the SNP providing much needed nourishment, it provides a safe environment for those seeking adult support and guidance. Moreover, the program offers students wishing related vocational experience, or simply a volunteer opportunity, to step forward in, what they know is, a structured setting. Such students realize they are providing a meaningful service to their fellow students." ~ Teacher/Site Coordinator

"I never thought that I would struggle to provide food to pack school lunches and snacks. But a few years ago my life changed. That is when I became a single mother. It is really hard to pay for all our living expenses on my salary. It breaks my heart that there are often times when I do not have money for groceries. My three wonderful kids go to an elementary school where healthy eating is very important. There are snack bins in every classroom and baskets of fresh fruit in the hallways. The school also prepares lunches for students who have 'forgotten' theirs. The great thing is that everyone is welcome to eat this food. I am so thankful to the caring volunteers who make sure students are not hungry. They have a talent for making my kids feel special. I will never forget the support this nutrition program has given to my children and to me. I am forever grateful." ~ Parent

"Many of our students struggle socially and the breakfast program provides a safe place where positive interactions can be observed, encouraged and practiced without fear of ridicule. At our site, we can be assured that our students have access to at least 1 nutritious meal per day that they are with us. Due to the increased cost of fresh fruit, school is, for some, the only access to it." ~ High School Teacher

"People in our community are often asking me how the programs are going and offering words of encouragement. This support has been translated into several generous donations over the past two years." ~ Retired Teacher/Site Coordinator

"Many of our students come from low income families and come to school hungry. Providing nutritious food that is easily accessible for all students in a safe, friendly environment has been (and will continue to be) conducive for their learning and their health." ~ Teacher/Site Coordinator

"I have both parents and teachers come to me and thank me for running the program. It helps keep students focused on their school work." ~ Parent/Site Coordinator

"The link between community members and our school program is a fantastic connection." ~ Teacher/ Site Coordinator

"Student involvement, in the program, has increased. Students are taking an active role in helping to prepare the food for the program. Students are trying different food that they help prepare (hummus, broccoli etc). This ties in with Nutrition Education where in the classroom we help students to develop the skills necessary to choose healthy fresh food over processed food." ~ Teacher/Site Coordinator

What Kids Said When Asked…

What do you like about your school breakfast, lunch and/snack program?

"It helps me focus on my work instead of my hunger." - Grade 10 Student

"I like that our breakfast program is open to everyone and that it doesn't cost anything." - Grade 8 Student

"It's so much easier to learn when you are not tired and hungry." - Grade 7 Student

"I like all the fruit at our breakfast program." - Grade 4 Student

"That it is feeding kids that don't get breakfast at home." - Grade 5 Student

"The people!" - Grade 6 Student

"I don't have to worry about a grumbling stomach, which helps me concentrate better on my school work." - Grade 8 Student

"Breakfast at school gives me a place to hang out without bullies." - Grade 9 Student

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it gives me energy." Grade 8 Student

"I eat before I come to school but I like that our breakfast program gives my classmate's energy." - Grade 7 Student

"The school breakfast program helps me to focus on my school work." - Grade 7 Student

"Making me more energetic because the food they serve is good for you." - Grade 4 Student

"Healthy eating stops me from getting a migraine." - Grade 8 Student

What would you like to do when you are older? What do you dream of for your future?

"I want to join the military and move up the ranks." - Grade 8 Student

"Be a farmer or a lawyer." - Grade 7 Student

"I want to be a video game maker when I get older." - Grade 7 Student

"Live in a log home and be a farmer." - Grade 3 Student

"I would like to graduate from High school and study biology and art at university to become an animator or a biologist of both. Get married and start a family." - Grade 8 Student

"I would like to be a zoo keeper." - Grade 11 Student

"I want to be a police officer." - Grade 7 Student

"I dream of good health and family." - Grade 10 Student

"I would like to play in the NHL with the Toronto Maple Leafs." - Grade 3 Student

"I dream of being a vet or a doctor in my future." - Grade 4 Student

"My dream for the future would be a teacher." - Grade 6 Student

"I want to travel the world." - Grade 5 Student

"When I get older, I want to work at a school breakfast program." - Grade 6 Student

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"I like all the fruit at our breakfast program."

- Grade 4 Student

"I don't have to worry about a grumbling stomach, which helps me concentrate better on my school work."

- Grade 8 Student

"Breakfast at school gives me a place to hang out without bullies."

- Grade 9 Student

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