Student Nutrition Programs

Types of Nutrition Programs

A vegetable and/or fruit must be served with every meal and snack. A snack contains a minimum of two food groups of Canada’s Food Guide. A meal (breakfast/lunch) contains at least one serving from a minimum of three out of the four food groups with one serving of milk or milk alternatives at every meal.

Wholesome breakfast programs… the most important meal of the day! When possible, schools are encouraged to offer a breakfast meal (prior to the start of the school day) or morning meal (after the morning bell.) A variety of program models exist including, "grab and go", food bins/coolers delivered to the classroom or a buffet style sit-down breakfast.

Nutritious lunch programs are served to students who did not bring a lunch or for children who are still hungry when finished their own packed lunch. Students are provided with a lunch to ensure that their energy level and ability to focus is maintained throughout the day.

Student taking a bite out of an apple

Healthy snack programs offer a variety of snack options to children who may need a supplement to their meals. In most schools, a bin/cooler of snacks is placed in every classroom, which students can access through the classroom teacher. In some cases, the snack bin is kept in a central location such as the office and/or resource room.

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"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it gives me energy."

- Grade 8 Student

"I like all the fruit at our breakfast program."

- Grade 4 Student

"Making me more energetic because the food they serve is good for you."

- Grade 4 Student

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