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How Are Programs Funded?

The Ministry of Children & Youth Services (MCYS) provides a maximum of 15% of the total value of a student nutrition program. There is an expectation that local program providers will input 85% of the value of the programs (including gifts in kind like volunteer hours, donated food, etc. The funding from MCYS was never intended to provide one hundred percent of required funding to sustain quality programs.

Food For Thought works in agreement with Breakfast Club of Canada, Presidents Choice Children's Charity and the Grocery Foundation to determine grant allocations for schools selected within Lanark County. Food For Thought also receives monetary donations, is awarded grants from other organizations and participates in fundraising events to generate additional money for school food and equipment grants. And, Food For Thought is often the recipient of in-kind food donations and coupons from various sources which greatly support nutrition programs.

Parental contributions are essential to a successful nutrition program and help to create interest and a sense of ownership in the program, as well as being an important source of revenue. It helps when approaching organizations for funding to show families support the program. Parents/caregivers should be encouraged to contribute in a way that best suits their personal situation (volunteer time, donate food, financial contribution).

Community support help programs to thrive! Donations from local service clubs (ex. Civitan, Kiwanis, Lions, Rotary), churches, faith groups and businesses assist programs in covering the continually increasing cost of groceries and may enhance the types of food programs are able to offer.

Fundraising activities in a school will not only raise necessary funds, but will also have the added benefit of increasing awareness of the program.

There will be many people who, given the opportunity, would like to donate money or food to support your program. Remember, people give to those who ask.

All schools are required to supplement the funds received through Food For Thought with their own fundraising, parental and/or community donations.

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"Breakfast at school gives me a place to hang out without bullies."

- Grade 9 Student

"Healthy eating stops me from getting a migraine."

- Grade 8 Student

"When I get older, I want to work at a school breakfast program."

- Grade 6 Student

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