About Food For Thought Lanark County

Our Mission

Food For Thought is the driving force behind schools and communities working together to support high quality nutrition programs for all students in Lanark county.

Our Vision

All students in Lanark County are healthy, learning and reaching their full potential.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We agree and promote that good nutrition plays a role in healthy child development and enhances a student's ability to learn.
  • We encourage collaborative networks that are effective in creating non-stigmatizing, self-sustaining programs.
  • We acknowledge the experience and resources that already exist in the community.
  • We believe that successful Student Nutrition Program ownership depends on meaningful involvement of parents, schools and the broader community.
  • We believe that every community is unique.
  • We recognize that our community schools are essential resources.
  • We agree that as a community we have a collective responsibility for our children.
  • We promote and encourage universally accessible nutrition programs in all schools for all students.

Our Primary Goals

  • Offer support to implement new programs and maintain existing programs
  • Distribute funding to schools
  • Data collection and reporting requirements
  • Facilitate sharing of information between student nutrition programs
  • Promote awareness of student nutrition programs in our communities
  • Provide resources about the importance of healthy eating and safe food handling
  • Recruit and Recognize SNP volunteers
  • Develop community partnerships to increase financial support
  • Strive at all times to ensure the dignity of students who access the programs
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"When I get older, I want to work at a school breakfast program."

- Grade 6 Student

"I like that our breakfast program is open to everyone and that it doesn't cost anything."

- Grade 8 Student

"I eat before I come to school but I like that our breakfast program gives my classmate's energy."

- Grade 7 Student

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