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Grocery Receipt Requirements / Tips for Organizing Receipts

Food For Thought is required to keep copies of school nutrition program receipts on file.

School programs must provide copies of receipts to Food For Thought for all purchases made with food funding two times per year:

  • In January - purchases September to December (prior to the issue of 2nd installment payments)
  • By the end of June - purchases January to June

Many schools prefer to forward copies on a monthly basis and this option is totally acceptable.

Tips for Organizing Receipts:
  • Keep receipts in a safe location (not crumpled in the bottom of your purse!)
  • Copy receipts monthly (it’s easier to do a few rather than several months worth and this is a way to track monthly food expenses)
  • Ensure receipts are itemized – if the items purchased are not listed, please write on the receipt what was bought. For example: "Bakery" – note on the receipt what was purchased, such as 'bread'.
  • Several receipts can be copied on one page – see example below
  • Purchases must comply with the MCYS Nutrition Guidelines
  • Please do not send original or duplicate receipts (receipts often fade and can be difficult to organize and store)
  • Please ask grocery shoppers to keep their personal shopping on a separate receipt.
  • It is helpful if other school food activities (ex. food purchased for your school paid lunch program) are kept separate from nutrition program receipts.
  • Please cross out any items purchased that are not for a Food For Thought program.
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