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How Can Food Funding Be Spent?

Funding provided through Food For Thought is to support student nutrition programs exclusively.

Food For Thought realizes that many food related activities and special events happen at schools during the year. However Food For Thought distributes funding from a variety of donors (MCYS, BCC, PCCC, GF) with an agreement funds are for the purchase of food to benefit student nutrition programs. Food funding should never be used for the following: pizza parties, school wide pancake breakfast/lunch events, graduation, EQAO snacks or volunteer appreciation gifts/teas/lunches.

School sites may choose to integrate student nutrition programs with other food and nutrition-related programs (ex. school gardens, food literacy, culinary programs etc) to encourage learning and skill development. Within the MCYS models, student nutrition program grants are provided to support the provision of nutritious meals and snacks only. – Page 6 MCYS Program Guidelines

Food grants are to be used for the purchase of food and supplies for school breakfast, snack and lunch programs. All food purchased must adhere to the Ministry of Children and Youth Services Nutrition Guidelines (2016). Any food product that does not meet the guidelines should not be served in a student nutrition program. Funding may also be used to buy non-food supplies such as dish soap, serviettes, baggies, foil/plastic wrap, disposable gloves – items required to run the program.

These funds cannot be used to purchase any equipment or utensils such as fridges, stoves, toasters, cutting boards, knives, dishes etc. but funds are available separate from program food funding. Food For Thought understands the importance of having adequate equipment/utensils to safely operate and provide quality nutrition programs. To request funds to purchase equipment you have to complete an application in advance of making a purchase. To apply, please submit the Request for Equipment Funding form.

NOTE: The Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation (HPELF) is the Lead Agency for the South East Region and as such issues cheques to the schools. When your school receives a cheque from HPELF it is accompanied by a Food For Thought letter outlining where the donations came from and the conditions of the funding.

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"Breakfast at school gives me a place to hang out without bullies."

- Grade 9 Student

"Healthy eating stops me from getting a migraine."

- Grade 8 Student

"When I get older, I want to work at a school breakfast program."

- Grade 6 Student

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